Banu Hashim Tribe

Banu Hashim Tribe
Location -887 X; 2169 Y
Local Languages Guttural Semitic
Government Tribal
Leader Sheykh Hashim ibn Abd Manaf
Establishment 30-03-2020
Population a lot of tribesmen

A home for the tribesmen of Banu Hashim.

Founding/time period

The natives of the desert always lived there, led by Hashim.

major event/time period

One river, one sea and deserts, as far as the eye can see.

The desert is ours.

We take, you give.

Some pesky golems were seen trying to be menacing.

Hashim son of Abd Manaf founded the tribe and leads it skillfully.

Salah, tribesmen and slaves.

It is my home.
Ajami beware!
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