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DustRemover is the leader of Taibei and insurgent against the forces of Bremen. Banned for building woodblocks at spawn while Bremen shat all over the server for months with no consequence.

An ultra nationalist with asperations of grandeur

Possibly one of the most influental persons ever to play on this server. Founder of Taibei, the fastest growing and one of the biggest cities of pre-1.8. One of his notable achievements is getting a 3day ban for griefing an older version of the previous map offline. He has been an reliable ally for a lot people and a symbol against communism. Having the server wipe shortly after founding Xin Taibei (post 1.8) he has retired to his home in the 1.7 world enjoying the dirt houses and gravel roads of his third world shithole.

Recently tried to put Taibei on the international scene, failed, generated little dramas and got banned.

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