The Muajahiddin

The Muajahiddin, aka the Strugglers, fights for the Holy Prophet, the Holy Book and the Holy Land. Currently guided by Salah and affiliated with Harmony's Nether. The Strugglers always Struggle and their lives are a major Struggle.

The Mujahiddin
Motto Lah Ilaha Ila Moloch
Language Arabic
Type Religious order
Religion Shaitanism
Ummah ?
Abbreviation MJD

Formed in June 2016 to Struggle against the kuffar Perd russians and liberate the native Mu'min. The Mujahidin partook only in the second siege in the June Purges and after the liberation they abandoned the Enderians, who lost the language war. The Mujahidin was small and had no gods to believe in at the beginning, hence 'Lah Ilaha'. At one point the Mujahidin struggled against the map itself and went into Omega. Liberation of Perdyusheno

The Strugglers returned in 2018, finding a new promising cult, Moloch Worshipping Cult. They integrated in the Cult and managed to train slave-soldiers for it. With help from the Strugglers, Moloch Worshipping Cult gained allies and defeated a major enemy.

In December 2018 the Admin and original Prophet of the server, AlphaBernd, declared he is about to depart and the server will die if no replacement is found. The Holy Prophet took it upon himself to Struggle against this verdict and began a Hijra across the chanosphere to find a new Admin. After dedicated prayer and search, a God was revealed to the Holy Prophet. In a sacred grove, an Owl appeared and thus he spake:

“I have heard your Struggle, Mujahid. I have seen you Struggle and strive. I have seen the unbelievers languish and lose hope. I have seen sorrow and the loss of the flame. For you, and for their sake, I will come to the realm of the Alpha and I will bring them my light. I will bring them hope and I will bring them order. And I will give you my name. The name is Moloch. ”

Therefore we are obligated to thank, praise, glorify, extol, exalt, honor, bless, revere, and laud the One who performed for us these miracles: He took us out from slavery to freedom, from sorrow to joy, from mourning to a Festival, from darkness to a great light, and from enslavement to redemption. And we will say before Him: Halleluya.

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