Team Aviation

< CraftIRC > (gazellezag) that feel when paranoid that aviation team will ruin kc /int/ minecraft
< Kyler > anyone else go through an incest phase?
< Dookie > fucking snobby cunts
< Tangaloa > >aviation team
< Kyler > there was a point i thought i was genuinely in love with my cousin
< Tangaloa > u wot
< CraftIRC > (areteee) lol
< CraftIRC > (gazellezag) you dont know aviation?
< CraftIRC > (areteee) I have always wanted a sister
< CraftIRC > (areteee) feels bad man
< Dookie > kyler, a lot of people including me wanna bang their cousins
< Tangaloa > i don't, infa 1488%
< CraftIRC > (gazellezag) they're griefers
< CraftIRC > (Knight_Killer) you cousin isn't really incest…
< Kyler > i still stare at my sisters ass whenever she bends over areteee
< Tangaloa > oh
< CraftIRC > (gazellezag) except that they want the whole server down
< CraftIRC > (areteee) they#re called avolition
< Kyler > 15 year old prancing around in tight shorts
< CraftIRC > (areteee) not aviation
< CraftIRC > (Knight_Killer) having sex with your sister or parents is incest
< Tangaloa > because i'm studying aviation
< Kyler > whats she expect
< CraftIRC > (gazellezag) oh yeah, avolition
< Tangaloa > huehuehuehuehue
< Dookie > >AVIATION x—-DDD
< CraftIRC > (gazellezag) DAMMIT DONT MKE FUN OF ME

      Tangaloa	you don't like aviatiors?
      CraftIRC	(gazellezag) no!
CraftIRC	(areteee) lol
Kyler	im sure aviatiors wouldnt like gazelle either guys
      CraftIRC	(gazellezag) i dont like aviators, it's just a mispell!!
CraftIRC	(gazellezag) haha!
CraftIRC	(Knight_Killer) who likes aviators?
CraftIRC	(areteee) did you mention taibei?
Tangaloa	why don't you like aviators? ;_;
      Kyler	gazelle, you should start a team aviation to show that you dont hate aviators
Kyler	of course it wont be much of a team, since you'll be the only one on it
Kyler	it will be like "you aviation"
Kyler	you know, because no one else will join. because of how unlikable you are.
      Dookie	gazelle, do team aviation members wear ray ban aviator glasses ?
CraftIRC	(gazellezag) no!
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