Principality of Nelson

Principality of NelsonPrinsdom van Nelson
Local Languages English, Dutch
Demonyn Nelsonian
Government Principality
Part of Coenstad
Leader mcsam
Population ~5
Abbreviation Nelson

The Principality of Nelson is a small principality between the lands of Coenstad, and the disputed territory of Gljive, and AlphaTown on the other side.

Foundation of Nelson

Fort Nelson has stood firm since it's inception, mere hours after 1.8 started. Soon, it was incorporated in the short-lived city of Gribigrad. After they left, the Prince of Nelson remained, and agreed on new borders with Coenstad.

Loss of clay

These were, however, abandoned quickly because the Republic of Gljive seceded, and insisted that they had bought Battkhort land on personal title. To prevent YugoTexas butthurt, parts of Nelson were ceded. But in his heart, every Nelsonian knows that Melchior island and the valley are Nelsonian clay. Nelson has since extended its claims in other directions.

Melon Thievery

Ever since the inception of the melon industry in Nelson, and certainly after the completion of its rail system, it has been plagued by melon thieves, ruining its crops. Action has been taken; a sign has been posted urging thieves not to steal, and those caught in the act have been executed.


On the third of October, the Principality of Nelson became an autonomous principality in the empire of the Republic of Coenstad. Citizens of the Principality were granted voting rights in Coenstad, borders were opened, and the Coenstadsche flag was hoisted, alongside the Nelsonian Colours. An unprecedented case in political history, as princely royalty now existed within a republic.


After the Anschluss, the Nelsonian clay was developed greatly, many splendid buildings were erected, and the biggest tree in all the lands was grown. The population boomed as well.

Decay, and the rising phoenix

After the explosive development phase, the population of Nelson declined, and the development ended. But like a phoenix from it's ashes, when Nelson and Coenstad were empty and barren, the Nelsonian people showed resolve, and were once again determined to not only restore Nelson, but the entire nation of Coenstad, to its former glory. The Nelsonians have now taken the political reins of Coenstad, and are trying to steer it towards recovery.

Fort Nelson has been a steady citadel to the people that live in the area, and rises high above the surrounding valleys, ever hoisting the Nelsonian colours. The valley between Alphatown and Nelson contains beautiful nature, and can be seen from Nelson's glorious rail system. Nelson is also famous for its marvelous bridges, linking the mountaintops and supporting its rail.

The Nelsonian Museum

The Nelsonian Museum holds some of the greatest art treasures, statues and paintings of the region and its history. It has free admission. Its design is imposing, a broad pillared front hides a brick wall, and two giant towers reach for the sky right behind it.

Nelson boasts glorious mine systems, with great outputs of redstone, and a thriving melon industry. Weaker sectors of the economy include failed attempts at chicken farming, and wheat. Nelson has a great transport system.

mcsam is the Prince of Nelson, he rules supreme.

While the Principality is in theory an absolute monarchy, the advice and council of the subjects is not disregarded lightly. Some authority has, on a voluntary and mutual agreement, been ceded to the Republic of Coenstad.

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