Treaties on the Reform of the Alpha Nations Charter

Below is a copy of the Alpha nations charter with a few selected comments hopefully to help the AN rethink the wording within the charter in order to protect national sovereignty. Below are examples of how if combined many of these loophole s can affect both AN member states and non-member states. Please take this to heart, my demonstration was made to show you just how easy it is to abuse this badly written charter.

Alpha Nations charter

Article 1

  • Chapter 1

The Alpha Nations is to act as a grand international assembly of which representives of all member states shall have equal votes in matters of transational issues

  • Chapter 2

The Alpha Nations shall not take actions against non-member states that would otherwise violate pre-existing international law unless approved by God

  • Chapter 3

The Alpha Nations shall not be used for direct bilaterial relations between two states

Article 2

All resolutions passed shall be archived on the wiki

Article 3

Assembly Procedures

  • Chapter 1 The Assembly of the AN

The Alpha Nations shall meet once every 3 to 5 days to discuss issues of the A.N.'s concern or disputes between member states, and introduce bills in a session lasting no less then 12 hours, after which there shall be a period of no less than 24 hours for voting after being put up for public discussion

The secretary of the AN shall have the power to call emergency meetings

the gerneral secretary can abuse this power due to the fact that there is no quorum requirement

Article 4

  • Chapter 1 Resolution Introduction

Each and All members of the Alpha Nations shall have the right to introduce and sponsor resolutions except:

  1. If the resolution deals with domestic matters; or
  2. If the resolution is a duplicate of a bill in the last voting session
  3. If the resolution violates Article 1, section 2.
  4. it's unilaterially introduced and entails action against a member state, in which case it shall be required co-sponsors for it to come to a vote
  • Chapter 2 Veto Powers

there shall be 4 nations to hold veto power in this organization with those nations being:

  1. Permanent veto power holders - The Empire of Kurwa, Battkhortostan R.I.S.S.R., The Westward Isles.
  2. the most populated member state behind the permanent powers

Should one of the permanent veto power holders become defunct (defined as their respresentive becoming inactive for 3 voting consective sessions without explaination or replacement) it shall be passed on to:

1. it's legal successor as:

  1. the nation designated legitimate authority that represented the state before its collapse; or
  2. primary the nation established as a result of its defunct status; in which case should it be disputed by the three veto power holders; be put to a vote

2. a third party nation agreed on the three other veto powers in which case:

  1. the nation is already a member of the Alpha Nations; and
  2. it shall come to a vote of the international assembly

Alpha Bernd has ultimate veto power

No law allowing for Ex post facto means if a resoluion is not vetoed on the spot then it is not able to be vetoed at all

  • Chapter 3 Voting

All resolutions shall be passed by simple majority unless:

1. the resolution is vetoed by a Veto Power, in which case;

  1. It shall be returned to the international assembly for a second vote with the threshold for passing being raised to 60%; unless

2. It was vetoed by 2 veto powers, which case;

  1. there shall be a 6 hour discussion period before re-voting; and
  2. the threshold for passing being raised to 70%; unless

3. It was vetoed by AlphaBernd, which case;

  1. it shall be removed to the following session; and
  2. the voting threshold being raised to 90%

If the resolution is again vetoed under chapter 3, section 3, it shall not be resurrected for a period of 6 sessions

  • Chapter 4 Absence

If a representative is absent for a voting session then his nation shall be considered as voting yes on all resolutions passed in that session due to lack of objection to those resolutions as a result of that absence

this means if there is no veto member available then in theory if a simple majority of people are absent any law can be passed even if all present vote agaisnt it

Article 5

All resolutions passed by the Alpha Nations regarding member states shall preempt any, and all previous agreements, or treaties, or pre-existing international law ratified by a member state to prevent undue complications in Alpha Nation Matters

Once a Resolution is passed there shall be a 24 hour period before it is to come into force unless passed in emergency session in which case there shall be a 1 hour before it is to come into force

this is an abuseable clause because if an emergency session is called without anyone being available except an exempt few, then any law can be passed to impeach on national soverignty without anyone knowing

Article 6

In bi-lateral disputes between Member States the AN shall remain neutral

In domestic disputes of Member States the AN shall remain neutral

In disputes between member states and non-member states the AN shall take the side of the member state in the dispute unless a resolution is passed withdrawing that support

Article 7

in boundary disputes if effected states asked for mediation by the AN, the states shall produce 2d, top down, of the disputed border with neatly drawn boundaries and documentation regarding the land

once a map of the claims is overlaid over each other is produced and published there shall be a vote on the matter in the international assembly

Article 8

any nation recognized under the current threshold of 20 citizens shall be admitted by simple majority vote in the international assembly,

non-recognized nations can be admitted to the AN under unanimous approval of the veto powers; failing that, a voting threshold of 75% in the international assembly.

any member state may leave the AN under their free will by introducing a resolution to the international assembly declaring their intended departure from the AN and absence of their representive in the following voting session are they legally outside of the AN

member states may be suspended from the AN for a period not lasting longer than 2 sessions if a resolution is passed with a voting threshold of 75% and without veto

Article 9

if a member state is attacked by a rogue non-member state then resolutions passed by the AN shall be applable to that state including sanctioning of military action outside of the rules of engagement and legal dissolving of that state with a resolution with passing threshold of 50% and without veto

giving favoritism based upon being wihin an elite club is not the right way to run international politics

Article 10

No state shall not under any condition prevent the transit of a AN representative through his or her territory between the AN and their nation

this is just a blatent impeachment of personal soverignty

Te fact that there are no sucsession alws to An members such as ambassadors or the secretary genral can open all sorts of wayto pass laws without the knowledge of member states.

There are many flaws witht his document many of which I havent even touched upon. I hope this example whill bring about a posibilty for a re-drafting of this terrible peice of trash in order to protect the rights of member states. I hope my selfless example has lead to you rethinking the way this document is put together.

Have a nice day and Sic Semper Tyrannis

You cannot coup an international organization. You either launched an attack on Kurwa, or took over headquarters located on international grounds, in which case you simply aren't to be recognized as the legitimate authority of the AN and so there is no point voting on your resolutions. This is a game and there is no incentive to over-think an imaginary organization's charter. We were willing to bend the rules and play along with you, but unfortunately you went too far and Alpha saw fit to ban you. Nations and organizations like the AN are not features of the server but are entirely voluntary social creations used by some players to make the game more enjoyable through roleplay. International law is not above the admin/mods, is not set in stone, and is not for others to play at lawyer with. — Sikandar 2011/09/13 10:36

This supposed loophole to 'abuse' of Article 3 is closed by Article 4, Chapter 1, Section 4 requiring there be more than one sponsor to a bill against fellow members which resolution 1488 was

Each and All members of the Alpha Nations shall have the right to introduce and sponsor resolutions except:
4. it's unilaterially introduced and entails action against a member state, in which case it shall be required co-sponsors for it to come to a vote

As for Ex post facto, this is implied, even if it was explicit, Alpha would still not be effected by it due to the fact he is God

“if a simple majority of people are absent any law can be passed even if all present vote agaisnt it ”

Good point, this clause was written as motivation for members to actually attend votes with it's intention to keep them from bitching about missing votes on resolutions they did not wish passed, with the members being marked as 'absent' on the voting rolls regardless

for Article 5, this was only to be used in response to Article 9 events or major events between voting sessions such as your coup of the AN

To Article 9, for a NWO conspiracy nut like your self, if you actually read closely it you should have noticed something else…
\\“resolutions passed by the AN shall [now] be applicable to that state including sanctioning of military action outside of the rules of engagement and legal dissolving of that state with a resolution…

No where does it state this same action can not be applied to member states with Article 4, Chapter 1, Section 4 even giving the legal means to introduce such a resolution, but of course, even then there's safeguards considering a single Veto instantly kills the bill
- YugoTexas

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