feati's place

feati's place
Population 1
Establishment February 2012
Coordinates X -600, Z 1400

Created in an attempt to waste time objectify the beauty of futility, this settlement is being built without proper planning and without any expectation of ever being finished. It was originally thought out to be a 64x64x64 cube made from birch and stone slabs, but turned out to be a 128x128x64 rectangular cuboid with a blue wool outside. Notable intermediate stages include the Starry Phallus and the Waterfall of Lag.

The Waterfall of Lag

The 32768 blocks of flowing water caused the whole server to lag. Because the water source blocks were placed at the buggy height limit, the only way to stop the water from flowing was to place signs, redstone torches or lava around the edge. Obviously, the only sane choice was lava. Because of that and ijs' mod powers, feati's place now sports a fashionable obsidian crown.

In-game, May 16th 2012

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