The badmyd is the final form of the white elephant the BADMYD $ $ $ pyramid investment scheme, originally constructed as corporate headquarters for the thousands of expected workers the $ $ $ hoped to one day hire. The scheme attracted mainly investors from yev pension funds and local ministries of worship (see Badface tax return office), however after the collapse of the Badcorp pyramid scheme where its main director was fired from it having been exposed for massive fraud the government of Badface took over the project. The government in all its wisdom has graciously decided to donate the massive headquarters to the masses, meaning anyone can take up residence there and construct an apartment of a reasonable size.

-Guiding design principles of the arcology-

  • Minimal material use
  • Do not block light if possible
  • Bright blocks are prefered
  • Ordnung!
  • Starting from the face of the pyramid your apartment is 20*MAX50 length*13 Height.
  • Fast and easy access from the skylimit to the nether through an logical network of rails and portals

-Health benefits of living in an arcology-

With easy access to any facility the mind desires within 1 min travel the arcology offers the working class busy time constrained miner to with more to pet his dogs and beat his yevs, surrounding the arcology which is in international waters making gambling an highly legal activity.

-Year 2-

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