When a nation's populace is unhappy with its leadership it has a number of options:

  1. It may go through its own system of appointing a new leader.
  2. It may attempt to secede.

Requirements of Secessions

The capital or main, historical, or original place of a nation [judged by mods in case of a dispute] may not secede from itself.

Types of Secessions

Seceding into a Nation
If a territory of a nation wishes to secede into a nation, it must announce so to its parent nation. The parent nation may attempt to halt the rebellion by declaring war on the rebels. The seceding nation cannot tribute their way out of the fight- they must accept all battles. Until the war is resolved, the seceding nation is neither independent nor part of the parent nation. If the parent nation has no objection then the two nations become independent from eachother.

Seceding into a Settlement
If a territory of a nation wishes to secede into a settlement, it must announce so to its parent nation. Since settlements are immune to politics, a civil war cannot be fought, but the reprocussions of giving up nation status will be felt by the newly founded settlement:

  • The settlement cannot become a nation for 2 months. Upon becoming a nation, the parent nation (if it so wishes) may immediately declare war on the new nation to regain control over it. This war cannot be tributed away and must be fought or surrendered.
  • For each citizen of the seceding settlement, a single diamond block must be given to the parent nation.
  • All citizens of the new settlement must give up any political posts in the parent nation.

New Incentives to Stay A Nation

  • Leaders of nations may vote (but not call) in staff decisions. Pending admin approval
  • Leaders of nations may fly. Pending admin approval
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