Bugs and Tips

As the 1.8.3 update was finally implemented, thanks to our almighty leader AlphaBernd, we encountered with some bugs. Here is a list of them.

'/work' and '/setwork' now use commands '/home work' and '/sethome work', respectively.

http://map.dev-urandom.eu/ not working fixed — AlphaBernd 2015/03/03 17:28
/spawn in nether is teleporting to main spawn (not sure if bug) Not a Bug — AlphaBernd 2015/03/03 17:15
Creepers destroy terrain fixed — AlphaBernd 2015/03/03 19:36
Public chests at spawn don't open (nothing near spawn does work). fixed — AlphaBernd 2015/03/09 10:26
Rabbits die in lava ;_; Roasted rabbit is tasty — AlphaBernd 2015/03/03 17:17
/spawn has cooldown (pls remove if possible) fixed — AlphaBernd 2015/03/04 17:18
suicide (/kill) doesn't work. fixed — AlphaBernd 2015/03/07 14:02
'/home work' and '/sethome work' aren't permitted to normal players should be fixed — AlphaBernd 2015/03/04 17:18 still doesn't work. fixed — AlphaBernd 2015/03/07 14:06
Ghast fireballs explode and damage stuff fixed — AlphaBernd 2015/03/23 21:30
Home command does not work to and from nether/end broken or feature? :D It's not a bug — AlphaBernd 2015/03/31 21:09
Ingame maps have pre-1.8.1 color scheme
logblock doesn't show who opened doors.

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