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 +====== Vichan ======
 +<WRAP right 315px>
 +^    //​**Vichan**////​Vichan.net// ​    ^^
 +|  Banner ​ |{{:​nations:​1r5z1ujx.vichan.png?​200|}}|
 +| Capital | Vigrad |
 +| Official Languages | English\\ Polish |
 +| Demonyn | Vihuje |
 +| Government | just some guys |
 +| Leader | iWat and Papaoutie? papatutaj? fugg spellings |
 +| Establishment | December 2017 |
 +| Population | ~5-10 |
 +| Abbreviation | //kurwa// |
 +| [[nations:​asc|ASC/​N]] | Vihuj |
 +Just a couple of polish guys from vichan.net that wanted to play minecraft lol.
 +===== History =====
 +=== founding reason ===
 +Vichan exists mainly so we don't spam kurwa in the chat because that pisses people off
 +=== time period ===
 +iWat and wibowit were looking for a place to build like a year ago (2016) so they found a small island in the north and built there. We made a thread on our chan and other kurwas came. First we built our embassy at the spawn. Then nobody played for a year and then later a connection rail was built from the embassy to iWat's island and then kurwas claimed the land nearby.
 +===== Geography =====
 +Simple really. Plains, rivers and forests. We have a connection to the ocean and a local metro.
 +===== Politics =====
 +We don't want to war you. We don't like thieves and griebbers. Internally we have our little dramas here and there. Czax can get irritated easily pls don't bulli. We hate karachaners but they have their own server so no other polacks to hate.
 +===== Economy =====
 +iWat digs a lot and shares stuff with others. We have farms and a jeb industial zone. 
 +===== Culture =====
 +Consists mainly of polish pope memes. Memes about shitting. Bulling each other. Nice cool vichan logo box thing. Please don't visit our chan because it's gay.
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