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 +====== Spawn Nether Hub ======
 +<WRAP right 315px>
 +^    //**Spawn Nether Hub**// ​    ^^
 +|  {{:​geography:​landmarks:​netherhub.jpg}} ||
 +| Location | X: 140, Z: 300 |
 +**Spawn Nether Hub**, also known as **The Netherrail Hub**, is a rail station in the Nether that houses over 30 rail-tracks and thus connects probably over 90 portals/​locations within Alpharealm into a single hub. It is built around the nether portal of the [[settlements:​2nd_spawn|2nd Spawn]] and is connected to the portal of [[settlements:​spawn_city|Spawn City]] via a short walkway (and a rail). The portals of the two spawns are so close inside the Nether that the Spawn City nether-portal could be said to be within the hub as well.
 +===== History =====
 +The Hub was reportedly built by [[people:​kuroki_tomoko|Tomoko]] and [[people:​june|June]]. It was extended later by [[people:​enton|Enton]].
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