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A brief guide by Ralxtew

You've probably been to the spawn's Happy Merchant Market, seen all those soulless villagers selling delicious merchandise, wondering yourself how to get rid of all the coal overcumbering your inventory, yet being too lazy to sell them yourself and clueless about how to create one of those villagers? This is the guide for you!

Let's get started by trying to sell a few slimeballs for some diamond blocks.
The first step is placing a chest, that will hold our merchandize and our profits. Once created, place the items you want to sell inside.

Next, we're going to create our shopkeeper. To do this, look at your chest, then type /shopkeeper trade in the chatbox.
Note: using “/shopkeeper” instead of “/shopkeeper trade” will set up a villager that will only sell items, and will only accept emeralds as currency.

We're now going to access the villager's editor by shift/right clicking on him. The following window will show up:
Brotip: Left-clicking on an item in the editor will increase its amount by one, while right-clicking will decrease it by one. Using the shift key while modifying the item amount will increase/decrease by 10 instead of 1!

Once you're done setting your prices, you can right-click on your villager to check the trading interface. In my case, it looks like this:

Thanks for reading this tutorial, i hope it was useful!
If you have any questions or comments about this brief guide, you can leave them on the talk page

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