How to Make a wiki page

the best way to use this page is to be logged in and to look at the coding under the edit tab.

you have to be registered and logged in first. Then type into the URL after '' what you want to name your page, e.g. If you're told that the page does not exist, you can now click 'create this page' under the wrench/tools symbol. If you end up on an existing page, think up another name and try again.

making fancy text or adding a header is a good way to make a page pop or at least look good.


all basic commands are the buttons at the top of the edit page. I will walk through the buttons from left to right.

Bold text is done by hi-lighting test and pressing the B buttion

Italic text is done by hi-lighting test and pressing the I buttion

underline text is done by hi-lighting test and pressing the U buttion

strike through text is done by hi-lighting test and pressing the S buttion

now headers are tricky they have 4 layers and allow you to edit parts of a page without messing with other parts. the best way to figure out headers is to play a bit with them. all you have to do to put header in you page is to press the header button (the 6th button from the left)

all buttons can be pressed then text added to the inside though this is not optimal and can be confusing.

there are 2 types of links internal and external. internal links take you to parts of the wiki where external take you to random other sites and videos. this link is an internal link to the video page. this is done by hitting the button with the chain on it (chain link lol) then selecting the page from the drop down. now for external links i find that just puting the addres into the page and puting the [] symbols around it is the best bet. ex: []

to insert a picture you start by clicking the picture frame button. you then are lead to the picture page this page is difficult to figure out but easy to master. to load a picture you need to click on the Select files… (it dose not show up as a button). after the file is selected name the file and hit upload. if you have a pic of the same name it will not load unless you check the box to overwrite old files. after this you can click on any picture and place it on your page. if you update a picture it takes a little while till it will update on all locations on the server.

any suggestions to make this page better are good to put hear or make the changes your self.

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