Treaty was nullified by the silverny war

Treaty of Somerset and Winterlyn

In the spirit of brotherhood, Friendship and prosperity, the Kingdom of Winterlyn will release the Crown of Sommerset to Sidmarcus01 and all lands attached to it, with the exception of the County Arcruz. The boundary between the County Arcruz and the Mountains of Waldsic will be a canal dug by both nations to facilitate trade and prosperity. Furthermore the Kingdom of Somerset(previously the Grand Duchy of Somerset) and the Kingdom of Waldsic as sister nations Pledge eternal Fealty and alliance to each other. All who were residents of Somerset before the Ascension of the House of Kriegstein to the Somerset throne will be given the option to move to Winterlyn Proper. The Citizens of Somerset who belong to Shakomatic, and Shakoamtic himself will move to Brohannesburg and renounce claims to sommerset lands unto sidmarcus01.

May this treaty last till the end of time.

I, King Nils I of Winterlyn, Overseer of the Winterlynian Counsil, The Mountain King, agree to the terms of this treaty (King Niller1703 of Winterlyn)

I, Sidmarcus Premier agree to the terms of this treaty (King Sidmarcus01 of Kriegstein-Somerset)

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