Treaty of Aresean Acquisition of Territory 01a

Once signed, these provisions will come into effect:
- The Grand-Duke of Orcaella, Carluga, will hand over sovereignty of the territory 01a (location) as seen in the picture below.

- The Grand-Duke of Orcaella, Carluga, grants all building rights to the Aresean Republic for territory 01a.

- The Government of the Aresean Republic will acknowledge Orcaella's entry into the COM, and will respect the sovereignty of all other lands under Grand-Duke Carluga.

Territory 01a, Coords: X -2701, Z 5891


- Technocrat Tomoko Kuroki, Representative for the Aresean Technocratic Republic. 6:19pm, 9/6/15
- Grand-Duke Carluga, ruler of Orcaella 6:26pm, 9/6/15

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