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-placeholdersee talk+====== Treaty of Accession of Altschwabenland to the Republic of Ender ====== 
 +[[settlements:​altschwabenland|Altschwabenland]] ("​ASL"​) agrees to join the [[nations:​ender2|Republic of Ender]] as an autonomous settlement under the following terms: 
 +   * ASL accedes to the Republic of Ender as an autonomous settlement within the nation.  
 +   * ASL accepts the responsibilities of an Enderian national:  
 +  - to defend the nation in case of war 
 +  - to contribute within its means to joint national projects 
 +  - to send a representative to the Enderian congress 
 +  - to grant Enderian citizens free traverse through its territories and access to its farms 
 +   * The Republic of Ender will guarantee:​ 
 +  - the integrity of the borders of ASLand to defend them against outside aggression 
 +  - not to intervene in the building decisions of _glo on his land, or to build in ASL without _glo's prior approval 
 +   * Should either party violate the terms of this treaty, the other party may dissolve the relationship between ASL and Ender, in which case ASL reverts back to an apolitical settlement and the Republic of Ender drops any claims to _glo's lands. 
 +   * accompanied by this treaty, ASL will extend its borders [synonymous 'the borders of the Republic of Ender'​],​ adding a small protected area to its former claim (as seen in graphic) 
 +— //​Signatures below this line// — 
 +<WRAP column 45%> 
 +<wrap lo>​**Hinoarashi** - //Speaker of Enderian Congress//</​wrap>​ 
 +<WRAP column 45%> 
 +<wrap lo>​**_glo** - //​Altschwabenland guy//</​wrap>​ 
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