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- Katynsk (Empire of Kurwa) - Outer Kurwa (Empire of Kurwa) - Ordnungstadt (Empire of Kurwa) - Fort Lovely (Empire of Kurwa) - Frostbite (Empire of Kurwa) - Astonia-Vostok (Empire of Kurwa) - Petrus (Empire of Kurwa) - South Krieg Island (Empire of Kurwa) - Kurwan Frontier (Empire of Kurwa) - Isle of Feels (Empire of Kurwa) - Confederate Badlands (Empire of Kurwa) - Byzantium (Empire of Kurwa)

and they call breshik Imperialists

  • 6/12 of those asked to be part of kurwa and we said ok
  • 2 of those were made by kurwans
  • 1 of those was given to us in a treaty
  • 1 of those is the original land kurwa started with
  • 1 of those came into our possession when the owner that was allied with us left and we stepped in
  • 1 of those doesn't exist anymore since we gave it up to build a public ocean

breshik on the other hand has a tendency to annex random portions of land for no good reason. broblems?

Most of Breshiks land were given to us (by a nice guy named shakomatic)

Nuovelle Turenne

This city doesn't exist anymore, because the clay where it's suppose to be built is now Belltower's property.
So, I would ask to erase from this list this inexistent city. t.Paper

Regarding the Settlements Map

Feb 5th 2016: Thank you for the effort, Noname! I already love your map, and I think it's gonna be a valuable document in the future since we seem to be headed in a more settlement-prominent political direction. Here a few notes for any possible updated version later on:
What you called 'Nouvelle Kriegstein' is actually 'Nouvelle Reims', capital of what used to be Kriegstein. 'Suntopia' is a little to the right, on that savannah peninsula. Straight above Prismriver on that coast is the town 'Nelson' (inactive) which isn't listed on that page but rooted in history of other maps on this server. Straight to the right of 'Madicon' lies East Sorra (inactive). That bit of desert above 'Umm al Asufli' is an inactive settlement called 'Tur-del-Achbad'. Straight right from Krim, within the pink yellow-bordered area, is 'YetiTown', active. At ten o'clock from 'Valensiya', within the white border but above the mushroom island, is an inactive settlement called 'Valkyria'. The violet patch above 'Death Knell Bay' is called 'Novoblagomirsk' (now inactive) and directly above that 'Spárdör'. The area with gold farms beneath 'Death Knell Bay' is inactive 'Old Witherwood'. the island above 'Ostrow' is called 'Aestland'.
'Skellie Farm' was a nation name; its capital and actual settlement is called 'Skellsborough'. Same with 'Eyjan Hvíta' where the actual setllement is named 'Aebinsborg'. This kind of thing happens when nations get abandoned and/or die. You absolutely need to put in 'Nova Bydlograd' next time, which is the most widespread town to date, between Madicon and Klamdau. As the capital of a nation, it's not in the settlements list, but since nations are breaking down, you might wanna check those nations for their actual listed settlements too. In the big white blob in the middle, former Slavia Confederation, there are several settlements, some of which are named on this old map. It also features 'Chicken Islands' which should be really easy to find. ;) Calisia has now inactive 'Snow Pines', 'New Aspergia', 'Graneros' and south of the latter 'West Calisia' as individual settlements.
That's all I noticed on first glance. Newer settlements have recently been founded along the edges of our map and don't show up yet on this version; I don't know if you want to know their names (or temporary ones). There's also many more that I can't name off the top of my head, sadly, and very old ones I never got to know.

Well, thanks a lot for your detailed review, Mel. I've included most of what you'd mentioned in the new version. If you have any more suggestions regarding this map, i'd gladly hear them. t. noname

Isn't it more logical to put settlements in the Map tab instead of Politics? Most settlements don't participate in politics anyway; and those that do, do so because they are/they belong to nations, which are already in the Politics tab. —- Santi

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