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“Settlements are claimed territories established with a border or limited area of sovereignty usually held only by a small group of people or even just one person. These are much more common than nations, but have no privileges at this time besides a right of eminent domain.” 2015/04/28 20:32

Since settlments are “apolitical” they shouldnt even be on the chart. I think the whole settlment or city state thing is stupid though, everything is political.

  • Hello please add your signature to edits on the talk page. — Moorglade 2015/05/01 21:35

Hello PPA, are settlements allowed to post here? Or should settlements have their own chart? From Harcourtien, — Harcourt 2015/04/28 19:08

  • I believe settlements should be apolitical by default, but allowed to participate in politics if they wish. — Moorglade 2015/05/01 21:35


wildedale is a nation, why aren't we on this list?

You are you double nigger — Sikandar 2011/12/17 03:32

Holy shit, you should have organized it alphabetically when you added new nations, it is going to be a pain int he ass to fix — Sikandar 2011/12/17 05:28

If I'm a council member or something like that, why is Nova Kurwa “furious” at my personal nation? -kyler

someone should really update this — cool dude 2013/02/21 07:07

Updated to reflect the mongols fury. — green kitten 2013/02/21 08:16

This is just meant to be a quick way to express how your nation feels about another.

This list should relations of nations. What Bremen and Auri do on the list? :S — Rosenmann 2013/03/09 08:07

don't you watch the news Rosen? :3 — mazznoff 2013/03/09 11:05

Thanks Koinu, you're my greatest ally. I should use the wiki for hosting images more often. — Ranshiin 2013/03/09 14:00

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