I suppose history is written by the winners… -shako

Not only by winners, also by sane people without mental disorders.

caBastard 2011/09/26 06:35

Why do you faggots insist so much in saying I tried to annex Kurwa? I was trying to fill the vacuum left in the government. God fucking dammit.

caBastard 2011/12/08 17:00

…by annexing it though. i didnt mean to condemn it, just stating a fact.
-vlad :——–_DDDDDDD

It was never part of WR…

caBastard 2011/12/09 04:59

→make flag http://dev-urandom.eu/lib/exe/fetch.php/nations:kurwa:wradmfornk.png?cache=
→claim to be totally uninvolved

I think I will make another medal called the Shako Star and award it to ca and yugo for their valiant efforts to take over the world.

Yes I think that is a great idea.
I second this. –mazz
There is an Order of Butthurt, check LoganTheRed's page

Make flag for trolling purposes
People see it as reality and fact

Ach, Bernd. — caBastard 2011/12/09 10:12

→be troll
→be surprised when people get upset
also, bump

Age of Intrigue and whatever is still ongoing by the way, we need to update it fully, and probably wrap up some of these events

→intelligence agencies
wow you guys.

A proper name could be the Cold war age, perhaps? — Koentinius 2011/12/26 17:25

Fug u Sikandar, you gave me a nostalgia. If I ever find my old screenshots, I shall upload them too. — tetete 2012/02/09 19:50

New Map

I don't know if this is the right place to discuss; I was a player up until a year ago. I'd join in if there is a new map, a fresh start. What are your general feelings about this? Pros, Cons..

No. There are plenty of unexplored territories on the current map and it isn't necessary. Everyone that is actually active will lose all of their shit, which isn't cool. — Sikandar 2013/01/28 19:46

new map = having to build all new sutff and nations reclaiming new land = land grabs = wars = buthurt = not good


not good

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