June, do you mean signs in the settlement Treehouses or signs on the nether side? In case of the latter, have you been online to correct them, or would you like me to do it? - Jinx, Jun 24th
Jinx, P02 on your map is marked P03. Also I edited some rails, so they have stations now and make full traversable circle. Ride from New Spawn to Zoythrus's place (Witherwood) to see what I mean. And I probably named stations wrong, edit the signs if necessary please.
Whoa thanks, I will as soon as the server is up! – Now I did take the Z line to Z04 but didn't see any changes; could you specify which line you meant, please? - Jinx, Jan 11th
Eh, I'm not sure I can explain that with words, or maybe you travelled somewhere else. Come online today and I'll show you.

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