AlphaBernd. could you please update the moderators section and maybe also note which players have moderator rights in which worlds, for those who are only responsible for one realm? I made a page for Tsa. — Jinx, April 9th 2016

Too random and not bernd enough to be a mod ;_; I will miss swinging the banhammer in a drunken fury at innocent bystanders who fail to tickle my sense of humor. - FlakeSe

;___; - t:Ghoul

  • List should link to People pages of staff to make page more dynamic. - Juinn

Do it then faggit (← Rosen)

*but I cannot edit page. :I - Juinn + this list is out of date

We need a polandball expert to create a new mod alignment table.

list needs previous staff members


>No userpage


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