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 +<​del>​please reset. username: thenerd96</​del>​ **done**
 <​del>​Reset pass for Massn pls</​del>​ **done** <​del>​Reset pass for Massn pls</​del>​ **done**
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 Please, reset pass for Xysiek. Last time used few years ago. Please, reset pass for Xysiek. Last time used few years ago.
 +<​del>​Please reset pass for Lahamu, last used years ago but played from 2010-2013ish</​del>​
 +Forgot my password when came back online after a while. Reset please. Username - Ximikat_ ​
 +I chose something random as password when I first signed in and can't remember. Reset my password please - Hallumir
 +<​del>​Forgot to write down my pw when I logged in a few weeks ago - TheGrimRimmer</​del>​ Come to IRC for a pass change
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