please reset. username: thenerd96 done

Reset pass for Massn pls done

i haven't been on server for a year. Can you please reset my password? Nickname: “shaitan”. Is resetting password means that i should register like when I visit your server first time? done

Feel like playing on the server again after such a long time but frankly forgot my password, asking for a reset if possible. Username “Saldalphon.” Thanks in advance. done

I forgot my password.Can you reset my account please? Username “Kloetzchenkopf”. Thank you. done

Can someone reset my password. Username: “Hannsen” done

Could you please reset my password? My Nickname is AceJebediah. Thanks in advance. done

Hello, can you please reset my password? Nickname is terrakon. Thank you done

Please reset password for Krautchan, thanks t. KC ;-) ;-) 8-) done

I Forgot my password can you please reset it? My Nickname is Gnoi

Hi. I forgot my password. Name - Leon. done

Hello, I haven't played for a long time I forgot my password. Could you reset the character please? Username - balalaeshnik done

My username is GoldiTheCat, please reset it for me.

Reset my password please. Username: “newbsta” done

Hey.. Can someone reset my pass please? User: OldComputer666* done

Hello, can someone reset my password? nickname: Osvald thief

Some whore stolen my pass, just reset it, please. nick: Osvald irrelevant

Hello, can someone reset my password? nickname: Textolite. Thanks! done

Hello, Can someone reset my password. Username: “Trollenwool” done

Hello, can someone reset my password please? Nickname: Alex_Maslyakov done

Hi, its been a while since I logged in and I think my pass got fucked with. Please reset t. FordTempo (I like to check in from time to time) awaiting personal request in IRC

Forgot my shitty password, Username is HiramWar done

Hi I do not think I have ever played on this server but apparently my username is registered, it is: andude3 done

Alzheimers has claimed my password, could someone pls reset it. Username is SimpleOldMan. nvm I remembered it LOL

Somebody changed my password or I might forgot it because its not possible to login anymore. Nickname: bbcslut done

I forgot my password and I need to change it pls help (seanjohn89) done

Forgot me password, please help a poor soul Nickname: Avantium done

Forgot password, please reset. ps: Halge done

Don't remember my password, can someone reset it? Nick: WestfalenBernd done

do not remember pass, can you please help? my nikname is nik_MIA - nvrmnd ive figured it out irrelevant

Forgot my password when came back online after a while. Username - “lord_chernykh” done

It's been a long time since I've played on this server and I've forgotten my password. My username is ultra_dank done

I forgot my passw0rd, reset please. Nickname: Sab_Pyrope done

Hi I need my pasword reset its Mrpotato2014

HI I still need my password reset The username is Mrpotato2014

Please, reset pass for Xysiek. Last time used few years ago.

Please reset pass for Lahamu, last used years ago but played from 2010-2013ish

Forgot my password when came back online after a while. Reset please. Username - Ximikat_

I chose something random as password when I first signed in and can't remember. Reset my password please - Hallumir

Forgot to write down my pw when I logged in a few weeks ago - TheGrimRimmer Come to IRC for a pass change

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