Ziril Ustir

Ziril Ustir Fire of Crows
Location secret
Local Languages Dwarven
Government Dwarven Counsil
Leader DanFunMan
Establishment November 2015

Ziril Ustir is a dwarven fortress carved in a tough rocky underground under some mountains at Alpha's Realm. A giant complex of big halls, high columns and even underground forest all built and planted by a kin of stumpy bearded alcoholics, in particular by dwarven expedition leader and a local ruler - DanFunMan


In October of 2015, after Battle of Nova Bydlograd was over, DanFunMan, a mercenary who fought for Commonwealth - wandered to the east with all of his loot and trophies from that siege. Somewhere in the east he found snowy mountains, which he saw as fitting to his vision of dwarven fortress. He built some of the surface builds and wet on hiatus.

Strike the Earth!

In 2018 DanFunMan returned to the server, for nearly three years chests and mules from his caravan stood under snows and rains amidst the mountain range regioun, that was set to become a mountain home. From that point started the underground history of the fortress. After long pause Dan was unaware of many changes that came to the game, and one of things he was clueless about at the time was mending enchantment. So first weeks or even months work was going at very slow rate, while the process itself was tedious. Long corridor leading down to the fortress halls and the statue room at the end of it was dug up with iron gear. Then he began to carve the Main Hall - large hall shaped like +. After the space was dug up - hall was decorated and detailed: ceiling shined with lava lamps, walls now neighbored tall columns and staircase from the previous hall was finally constructed.


Some time after Main Hall was finished - fortress met some of it's first visitors; some were invited, some were just passerbys. People Admired the tall halls carved deep down underground and the word about the fortress spread around the world, and at some point it got to the local politicians. Salah, leader of the Moloch Worshipping Cult reached out to dwarven leader and offered him to join his occultism enthusiasts club. DanFunMan wasn't interested is worshipping shady dieties, but very much interested in company and community (and also in ties to a somewhat centralised economy and nation's farms), so offer was accepted and fortress became a subject of HRC.

Ziril Ustir

This partnership proved to be profitable, at least to a dwarven side. With access to trades like ocean lanterns from Meetra's prismarine farm and a beacon, landed to DanFunMan by xcont both accelerated development of the fortress and allowed to build it with a more diverse range of materials. More players flooded to the fortress - some wanted to be a part of dwarven community, some wanted to be in HRC but had no idea where to live. After such growth both in population and in influence Salah suggested that fortress shall obtain a name at this point. DanFunMan named it Ziril Ustir (Fire of Crows). Life went by peacefully inside the fortress halls, despite the growing pressure between HRC and local gang of cheaters and charlatans. Using the TNT donated to fortress by members of HRC and some independent bernds - DanFunMan dug up a large underground cavity, which he terraformed and planted a forest. Without any hesitation he established there a tavern “Bearded Cup Of Beer” with a private brewery in a cellar. Some people were eager to get themselves a home and shelter in this artificial forest.

Ziril Ustir

Days of peace were coming to an end. Salah informed the HRC members of a possible threat and of probable use of cheats among the enemy troops. DanFunMan just finished terraforming the mountain above the fortress and building a classic dwarven entrance gate to Ziril Ustir. Fortress was engulfed by oppressive atmosphere of wartime suspence. Citizens of the fortress stockpiled some weapons and armor, but not everyone was ready to fight outside the fortress halls. Soon first battle has started and soon finished. War grew far outside the server and corrupt cheating sosachers now threatened the existence of Autism. DanFunMan wasn't there to see the end as he left to improve his irl situation. Back then he didn't know - he was leaving Ziril Ustir for the last time.

The End

This is how this fortress ends - empty, abandoned and frozen in time of a dead realm to serve as a reminder of volatile nature of any state, establishment or any physical thing for that matter. It ends like any other dwarven fortress - silent and deep underground, a well deserved rest.

Ziril Ustir haven't had any automated farms to the very end, whole economy depended on valuable minerals dwarves dig while building this fortress. Mainly gold and diamonds, luckily - many people in somewhat depopulated Alpha's Realm of that time were eager to trade even such basic things.

  • DanFunMan
  • Sych
  • Naugrim
  • SkyDiverCool
  • and some other dwarves
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