Local Languages English, Norwegian, Latin
Demonyn Yevrusalemite
Government Knightly Theocracy
Leader Sir awesome
Establishment 1-14-12
Population ~3
Abbreviation none

The Holy Lands of the server and former home of a Yevish village, Yevrusalem is a destination for player and NPC alike.

founding/time period

Once a calm and peaceful Yev village spoke of in legend, it was conquered by moslems greeber, zombie, skeleton, and spider hordes. The Holy Lands had fallen into the hands of the moslems and they ruled over them, killing the Yevs. Pilgrims that passed through this area were assaulted by their explosions, bites, and arrows. Many perished. The village of the peaceful Yevs was empty, baring the scars of the slaughter. The commander of the moselm mob army, Muhammad Ali Spider Jockey Pasha planned to build a mosque atop its ruins.

major event/time period

Sir awesome of the Knights Templar led an expedition to reclaim the lands of Yevrusalem. The Order fought long and hard, pushing back the mobs. A Citadel stronghold was built in the desert to fend off the hordes. At this present time, none of the old Yevs remain. The Knight Templar plan to ensure the safety of both player and Yev pilgrims visiting the holy lands.

  • Knights Templar Citadel
  • St. AlphaBernd Memorial
  • St. Breivik Cathedral ( under construction )

Yevrusalem cultivates much argiculture in terms of watermelon, chicken, and wool. The lands are very rich with mineral wealth in terms of Iron, Gold, Lapis Lazuli, and Sandstone. A majority of the iron is used for weapons and armor for the Citadel's armory.

Sheep are required to remain segregated on a white and colored basis. There are plans to lead Yevs back to their home lands. Terraforming is currently under way to make the desert much more sustainable.

The lands are ruled over by the Knights Templar in order to assure the safety of residents and pilgrims.

  • Sir awesome

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