Nouvelle Kriegstein

Formerly kingdom of New Waldsic, formerly Grand duchy of somerset

Nouvelle Kriegstein
Motto Dieu sauve le Roy
Official Languages English
Demonyn New Kriegsteiner (or Kriegsteiner)
Establishment 12/8/2013
Government Monarchic council
Leadership Head of State: Sidmarcus01
Head of Government: PPA
Population 7-8 (currently)
Currency emerald
State Anthem

Founded by waldish and breshikan settlers under the title of New Waldsic. Eventually The name was changed when Waldsic the rebel left and became the Grand-Duchy Somerset, a vassal of the Kingdom of Wynterlyn. Eventually with the advent of the Kreigstein refugees the Duchal Crown was given to Sidmarcus01 and Somerset was quicly replaced by Nouvelle Kriegstein. Which is the current Capital City of the Kingdom of Kriegstein.

The capital city is under an heavy overhaul project since July 2016 in order to make this one of the most beautiful place on the holy lands of the server. Several houses are built, a grand metro that connects Eureka Republic and Third Spawn is completed, dungeons are in progress. After the long absence of King Sidmarcus01, all activity stopped.

During winter of 2016 some weird guy called mgd and his friend came and released the horses from the temporary royal stables. They claimed that the royal stables were jail and that the horses were suffering. Soon (half a year later), this was discovered by June, who operatively brought animals back. Luckily, they didn't manage to wander far away. However, on the next day crazy lunatic mgd returned and released horses again, and completely destroyed the royal stables. June had no choice but to banish him for a time.

The Kingdom's lands is mostly forested with some grasslands and mountainous terrain.

The city is mainly centered around a great square which serves as a royal plazza, homing several key buildings as the royal manor, the Rosenstation 2.0 and the government building. Once finished the city will expand further. Here are the different future projects intended:

  • an underground net, which is currently being worked by Juinn
  • a royal farm (the current one needs to be fixed)
  • royal stables
  • a starfort
  • barracks
  • a royal market
  • A royal library which will gather all the written sources and maps of the main points of interest of the server (thinking to appoint a certain someone High librarian of the kingdom)
  • a marnie stand
  • a bank (perhaps?)
  • several residential districts

This projects indeed needs builders to progress, so don't hesitate to apply if you're confident in your own building skills! If you aren't don't shy off either, we will try to help you if you really want to build there.

The government is located in the central building in the mainplace, homing several ministers offices and a reunion room.

Mostly based on Kriegstein and Siverny's wealth.

Displays french, german, and perhaps in the future Dane, Norvegian, British, spanish or even italian 17th/18th century architecture.

Old and need to be reformed.

  • Termocaos
  • Totallycautious
  • Taco_Town
  • Peachy_pii
  • Starlightchild
  • Kuston
  • Urist_Mcstrayed
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