Grand Duchy of Vinland
Local Languages English
Demonyn -ian
Government Colonial
Leader K_Chris, Greenkitten
Establishment 14-02-12
Population ~4
Abbreviation none

A vassal to the Katten Khanate. Was originally discovered by Battx explorers who were trying to lag the map while everyone else was playing.


In an attempt to find a continent in the west, K_Chris and greenkitten of the Occident Company set sail from Crater Landing. Along the way they encountered many barbaric peoples with strange customs. Eventually they made landfall and discovered they were in unexplored territory. The land was named Vinland for some reason. because K_chris and greenkitten were unoriginal and Fly agreed to the name.

Spawn change

With spawn being changed Vinland became very close to the new spawn. This caused people to build in the Vinland territory, and minor griefing to occur. Due the the vast wastes it includes there is room for everyone, the owners of the land became idle and stopped caring.

Owned by the Khanate.


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