Local Languages Broken English, Runglish
Demonyn Vendigrothian
Government Technocracy
Leader RuBarafag
Establishment The second day of Oceania
Population ~6
Location X: 100; Z: 1700

Vendigroth is a technocratic town people of which are united by a shared dream: to bring technology and ordnung to the wastes of Oceania.

Vendigroth was among the first settlements to be found in Oceania. Its architectural ambitions prevented it - and still do - from being comfortable for its own citizens and many tourists coming to marvel at the first upcoming building in the town - the skyrail depot.

Although many other buildings of questionable purposes are being build in Vendigroth this very moment, most of them are only supposed to exist until the main node expands up to their walls.

The well-known skyrail depot is the heart of Vendigroth. Its location marks the center of the town.

The external node on the North-West was meant to be an entrepot on the way to the main node. However, it has lost that meaning with the appearance of Mountain Top Republic which has later joined Soviet Republic. Now it is just an excuse to grab more clay.

The outpost to the North was annexed in order to prevent people from annihilating the desert it stands on for their own goals.

  • RuBarafag
  • MrFima
  • MrZura
  • huzyabr
  • eNZo


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