Umm al Asufli

Republic of Umm al Asufli
Location 462 X, -1153 Z
Local Languages English
Guttural Semitic
Demonyn Asufli
Prime Minister Salah
Establishment 14th December 2013
Current Constitution 6th September 2014 (Put in writing in 10th April 2015)
Population 1

The name translates to “Mother of Nether”, as it is heavily inlaid with nether bricks.


Salah founded the settlement in 14/12/2013. The location was chosen due to it's desert biome and remoteness. The center of the settlement is the glassed lava pool which sprouted mysteriously.

The cacti were properly uprooted for no american plants shall dwell in it. There are 3 lava pools and a lava mountain, Jabal al Nar. The desert settlement borders Tur-del-Achbad (Breshik) to the northwest, the Alder Sea to the east and Elkkuton (The Ender Republic) to the south. Lava rivers crisscross the desert.

Umm-al-asufli exports nether quartz and glowstone and imports iron, gold, diamonds etc. Due to recent liberation, and the treaty signed between the prime minister Salah and the LDF, the settlement exports oil in exchange for foreign currency.

Apolitical phase

Umm Al Asufli begun as a nonaffiliated sheikhdom in a remote desert. It traded with everyone and remained netural.

Condeurian settlement

In 08/03/14, Salah petitioned King Darynu to be his citizen and the King agreed. A notable Asufli construction in Condeura is the Nether Pit.

Desert Liberation

FDF leader and his tank
Active resistance
Sabotage counterattack

In early september 2014, the FDF - Freedom Defense Force executed “Desert Liberation” operation. The operation proceeded 3 days, in which tanks invaded, were resisted, were reinforced and eventually prevailed in transforming Umm Al Asufli to a republic. Elections were held and Salah, the former Sheikh, was elected Prime Minister unanimously. It should be noted that during this operation Condeura did not aid, did not regard and quite abandoned the settlement. It could be said that at this moment, Umm Al Asufli, the Republic, was independent again.


In 2/4/2015 the settlement gained the status of citystate when crys14 and zikada joined. The settlement is the second ever city state. Crys14 and zikada left soon after, never to be seen again.

Condeurian settlement

In 14/08/15, Umm al Asufli, became a Condeuran settlement once more.

Rashidun settlement

since 2/2/18 Umm al Asufli is part of Moloch Worshipping Cult.

Council of Representatives
Federation Council
Council of Ministers
Asufli Constitution

Two gates lay to the south and east, sand made. Mijdal al Hilal protrudes to the sky, an ancient pillar built by the endermen of the desert in hope they will repatriate to the End. Burj al Babil is a tower outlooking Elkkutown. The tower was built by the nether dwellers who were teleported into Umm-al-asufli, the chunk of a nether cave they were in stood mere blocks from the tower, cleared by Tangaloa. A netherbricked room constructed on a dune functions as the parliament building, the ballot room, the supreme court, the cabinet and the police HQ. This temple of elevation connects to alpha realm, it was created when several zombie-pigs elevated into a higher state of consciousness and rose above the ceiling. Al-Maqdis Al-Baqara, the temple of the cow, was erected after the unexpected arrival of the Red Cow following the 1.8 update. It serves as a place of worship for the local yevs. The Muthafun AlUmam, Museum of Nations, rests of the Endbeach, housing the history of Nations across AlphaRealm.

  1. Salah - Prime Minister
Umm Al Asufli at the beginning
Umm Al Asufli currently - 04/04/15
Child-soldier Brave defender of the Realm
Muthafun AlUmam

Due to it's many unnatural occurrences, Umm al Asufli, is a desert of spirituality. Endermen, zombie pigmen and yevs wander freely and congregate in their temples. It is not uncommon for a portal to spontaneously open and teleport a denizen or introduce a creature from other worlds.

Umm al Asufli serves as HQ for the mamluks, being so open to the Nether. A mamluk owned by the Prime Minister guards his house.

An armed mamluk soldier
A mamluk spy perfectly normal enderman in his house
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