Local Languages Polish
Demonyn Trybikan
Political system No politics on board
Leader Rosenmann
Establishment 03 III 2013
Population 1
Abbreviation none


It's a settlement concentrated about building clean, technology based stuff, with special focus on modern esthetics. Due to heavy presence of Rosenmann, spiritual influence of him can be felt. In other words, Trybik is a place where st. Thomas meets Einstein.


Trybik is autonomic settlement being in vassalage of New Finngolia. Trybik is having also friendly relations with Noord Woortland and Kijima.

I want to pay a visit, where I can find Trybik?

It's located in Florina Ocean in Kvenland district of New Finngolia. Don't go there right now, since it's unfinished. I will let you know when it's finished.

I want to visit it anyway!

If you want to help Rosenmann pick what colours for carpets are most suitable or you want to compliment on Rosenmann building taste you are welcomed.
Trybik can be reached by using Finngolian rail system. If you aren't capable of finding Finngolian rail system you are not welcomed in Trybik.

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