New Crossing Ghetto Uprising
Fighing outside the Ghetto
Dates 13th September 2020
Location New Crossing, Transmykalia
Result abolishment of Yev-Rights in Transmykalia
County of Transmykalia
Supported by:
Freikorps “Midgard”
Yevish Ghetto of New-Crossing
Leaders and Commanders
Officer Derek Chauvin
a dozen City-Guard Dogs
20-40 Golems
3-5 Dogs KIA
4-7 Deserters
1 Suicide

“Such anti semitism in my own borders. How can this be.” -La Mu Bearmonger upon hearing the news

“dire neglect.” -Jinxauthor_Mel, commenting on the free reign and the lenient policies of New-Crossing towards the Yevs


Shortly after the founding of New-Crossing, the first Yevs were cured of their zombie-disease. Gradually their numbers grew and a new district was build to accommodate their housing needs. They were allowed to keep their own security force and slavery of their kind was prohibited.

Before The Battle

Yevish golem Officer Derek Chauvin misused his authority during an arrest and killed an unarmed Enderman by kneeling on its neck for almost eight minutes while the Enderman was handcuffed, lying face down on the street. This event sparked race riots all over the town and marked first alienations between the governing agency and the Yevish community there. In response, during the absence of Austrocat, the Yevs amassed a large army of Golems to take over the town. When Austrocat returned from his hiatus due to an unrelated reason the situation completely escalated.

The Battle

The Transmykalian Army mobilized and received help from Jusnothertry, in the form of an anti-semitic Freikorps. When a security golem killed one of the militias, the paramilitary fighters took up sniper positions and started gunning down unsuspecting golems. The army arrived on the scene, sided with the paramilitaries and blamed the yevs for the killing. The ringleader of the golems was killed at the end as well.
Officer Derek Chauvin's Last Stand

The aftermath

When the last golem died, a dog committed suicide. Several other dogs sided with the yevs and attacked Freikorps members. During the pogrom, several yevs did flee the massacre and either hid on the roof, jumped into the river or tried to immigrate to other nations via the nether gateway. Freikorps members however closed the portal to prevent this from happening. A makeshift shelter was established inside the trainstation in the vain hopes to flee the country. Afterwards Austrocat and Jinxauthor_Mel forced them back into the razed ghetto.
Yevs fleeing to the roofs


The government of Transmykalia abolished the liberal policies towards the yevish people. Jinxauthor_Mel showed Austrocat how to treat them properly by showcasing the ironfarm underneath Justnothertry. The King was appalled by this turn of events.


The ghetto was partially destroyed and the iron of the yevs was seized.

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