City-State of Tora

Free City State of Tora虎の高貴な共和国
호랑이의 귀족 공화국
مدينة دولة من نمور التاميل
Local Languages English
Demonyn Toran
Government Duchy
Leader Minoriko
Establishment 27-1-2012
Population ~10
Abbreviation TO

The Toran Republic is a land to the east of spawn inhabited by people who 'Dont wan no trabble'. The capital city is known locally as 'Tora' or more offically as 'Tora no Seishi'. Currently all of the citizens reside within the city, yet the city itself will likely spill into the neighboring undeveloped land. The city is bordered by mountains to the west and a large desert to the north, with a coastline protecting the rest.

The founding of Tora began with an expedition of former G.A.M second and third members (Minoriko, UtsuhoReiuji, Waffenbaum being the first) aswell as newcomer Dat_Nazrin, who set out to form a new settlement that had both space to build on and was free from the inner political drama of the former G.A.M. The expedition set out on boats to the east to find a village with uncivilized people to colonise. The perfect site was found in the area of X -760 Z -2500 and Tora was born.

Early Tora was a a mix of defaut NPC houses and small cobble and wool cottages to provide shelter from Jihadist while the resources for the larger building projects could be gathered.

With basically every Toran seemingly gone, the Katten Khanate declared for the 3rd time that Tora was theirs and subsequently annexed them. This angered Badface, who then decided to put the fate of Tora up to the staff. This however did not include any mention of Katar claim on the land. The two options were staff takeover, or have it become North Badface. Thing were looking bad for the Khanate until Minoriko logged on. Khanate official quickly tried to negotiate terms of peaceful annexation. It was decided that Tora would become an Autonomous State under the Katten Khanate. The staff resolution for the fate of Tora was voided after this proclaimation, the Torans have the right to self determination.

With news of several other vassals breaking away from the Katten Khannate, Tora to declares her freedom. As of th 27th November 2012 Tora regains full independance from the Katten Khannate

The main landmark of Tora is the great castle at the heart of the town which acts as the goverment building for the Noble Republic. The first large structure completed within the city which was designed by UtsuhoReiuji.

Other landmarks of the city include:

  • Statues of former elected leaders of Tora during the early stages of the city.
  • The market plaza in the old district
  • The circus
  • Traditional Toran houses

The area around the city is littered with caves and abandoned mineshafts which have been a blessing to the local miners. These minerals were then boosted by the use of weeaboo magic pickaxes. The strong demand for wool in the construction industry led to large farms being made in the city and horrible ignorance of animal welfare with chickens being stuffed into tiny coops.

Tourism is a welcome part of the economy of Tora, with hidden underground railways, and a netherway being constructed and managed by the Trans-Toran Railway Company. These services currently run from Null Station to Tora, Tora to Nedermark.

Despite getting bombarded by drama from the various communities due to the political situation regarding the old world, the people of Tora strongly obey the international policy of Isolationism. 'We dont wan no trabble' being the national motto seen on all embassies of the Toran Republic.

The local goverment of Tora is a duchy. The current Duke/Duchess is an apointed Toran citizen.

  • UtsuhoReiuji
  • Dat_Nazrin
  • Minoriko
  • goosk
  • Mesatla
  • cornelia_tatara
  • Somedood-IV
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