Terre de Castitate
Local Languages English
Government Absolute Monarchy
Leader MikeMallorca
Establishment 19/1 2014
Population 1


When Mike decided to join the server once again, he was met with open arms by the glorious deperate people of Winterlyn, who ask everyone they can possibly think of to settle with them. He was offered a spot in this holy land, but he quickly grew fond of the idea of a new empire, ruled by himself. So he set out, with the blessing of Winterlyn, to find a new and glorious place to settle and start his new Empire. He then turned to Winterlyn to ask one final favor - to be a protectorate of Winterlyn until he was ready to announce his new land to the world

Protectorate of Winterlyn

Terre de Castitate and the sovereign Kingdom of Winterlyn both agrees to all of the terms in this treaty. Both parties agree to help each other to prosper and immense glory. Citizens of these glorious countries can freely roam and pass through the others realm in order to achieve glory to the Fatherland. Terre de Castitate agrees to be a protectorate of Winterlyn, and if they accept people into their glorious realm, then shall both the king, lords and the peasants, count as citizens of the glorious Fatherland, Winterlyn, until the day the protectorate and the protector shall part in friendship and continued alliance. Winterlyn agrees not to

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