Location x:2450 z:1000
Local Languages English
Leader Bikky
Establishment summer of 2014
Population 1
Farms and contraptions: Trading Hall (Public)
Speedometer (Public)
Pumpkin Farm (Public)
Orchid Farm (Public)
Witch Farm
Gold Farm
Cactus Farm
Fish Farm
Fully Auto Yew Breeder


After joining the server, MrFroggyDoggyMan (now known as Bikky) had nothing to do and was roaming around doing random projects, like Ironfarm Collection Room interior. After a while he decided to build a witchfarm, so he chose a place at the western swamps and settled there. He was visited by June several times, who was building a slimefarm nearby.


After the successful launch of the witchfarm, MrFroggyDoggyMan built a highly technical item storage with sorting system, music player and villager trade hall. Soon he decided to encase his place with walls to protect from roaming enemy mobs.

As time progressed, various structures were built. The grass and trees were changed to artificial ones, made of green clay. Most of the structures has huge windows made from lime green glass, so whole town looks quite futuristic.

June made road connection to nearby settlements and one of them had road connection to old spawn, so you can reach Techtopia by taking a road from there. Also it has nether rail connection to spawn and nether roads to nearby settlements.

Pure swamp and plains around the town. To the east there is Giant Water Cube and quite big semiauto crops farm of Separate Reality.

Due to his hard work, MrFroggyDoggyMan obtained a lot of resources, including glowstone, redstone, gunpowder, emeralds, gold and a lot of less valuable things. Yev trading helped him obtain a lot of other valuable stuff, including diamond weapons and armor, also rare books like Silk Touch Book (Froggy already has more than a doublechest of them!).

As mobfarms were not intended to be public, so they were tested several times by a certain thief and some protection was installed.

Several villagers, horses and donkeys

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