Official Languages Chinglish
Demonyn Chinamen
Government National Government
Leader Generalissimo DustRemover
Establishment January 2014
Abbreviation TZ

Taizhong is the one of the newest, fastest growing, and beautifully located cities in the Realm of Alpha.

The region around Taibei is lush and vibrant with many peaks and untouched land. Below the slope of Mt. Formosa lies Taizhong city. Visitors will usually end up warping within Mt. Formosa's warp room.


The Building Code is a simplistic one(for now): no lava flows, or dirt structures. Additionally all houses must have a sign with a name on them of who built it.

Griefing is, as all across the Realm of Alpha, strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.

The mines under Mt. Formosa are rich with minerals.

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