Capital City of Szczebrzeszyn
Miasto Stołeczne Szczebrzeszyn
part of Commonwealth of Onionland
Location here
Local Languages English
Leader none
Establishment not sure
Population none
Abbreviation Szcz-n

Capital of Commonwealth of Onionland. It was meant to be ordnung 100% but ended miserably being a shitty empty place. There's ebun JP2GMD square in the center which used to randomly play barka before 1.5 update.


Some onionlanders were ashamed of ukrainian architecture in the original capital Papieżowo and decided to start a new settlement with socrealistic buildings and lots of ordnung. Some building were built, some were ruined, some were built partially and left unfinished.

  • JP2GMD square
  • Social Building
  • Szczebrzeszyn Centralny Railway Station (actually without railway connection)
  • Misztal's Building
  • Sad Frog Memorial
  • Cosy Old Town

Too poor to even complete some buildings, just like in real life.

Onionlanders often come to Szczebrzeszyn to do random ebun things together on JP2GMD square.

There's no city council. Group of the most active and respected onionlanders make all decisions.

There are no people pernamently living in Szczebrzeszyn although some onionlanders building there can be seen.

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