Spawn Area
Local Languages English, German
Location Spawn and surrounding area
Demonyn admin/user
Government special status as an international organisation
Leader feliin
Establishment 29/03/2020
Population ?

Spawn island, to be expanded. Was terraformed by caca_de_nariz. Parts of it were claimed by Genoa illegally for a certain period.

founding/time period

Established during Harmony formation.


  • Hbf - rail station.
  • Market Square (Souk) - commercial district for shopkeeper yevs of all people.
  • Public farm -
  • PORN office - actual post office.
  • Arbiter's Temple - current residence and a place for arbitration.
  • Moloch and Korone statue
  • Embassies (unfinished)

Watchful eye of Moloch

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