Location -773 64 3532
Local Languages English
Government Piratocracy
Leader Urfin_Djus
Establishment 07th Aprill 2022
Population 4

Somali is a very friendly place. It's a home of the poor, but honest people, that totally don't want to take all of your stuff. Feel free to visit and trust them. They won't hurt you.

founding/time period

Somali was founded on the 7th of April, 2022, by Urfin_Djus (a person famous for being peaceful and polite).

Somali is located on an empty desert island with dead bushes and cactuses being the only resources available. Oh, and we also have sand.

The economy of the nation lives off of the voluntary support from charitable visitors or even bypassers. The village is very grateful to them for their donations.

write about domestic matters here

write about domestic matters here

Urfin_Djus, Decan, ThePepsi, Clementine

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