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 +====== Novigrad ======
 +Novigrad is Speer'​s new home after significant parts of Skellie Farm territory was taken over by russians. After deciding to abandon his far-away, half-finshed town, he moved to a settlement he had started a long time before. Novigrad lies in The Kingdom of Badface on the western part of Sorra.
 +<WRAP right 315px>
 +^    //​**Viscounty of Novigrad**// ​    ^^
 +| //The former flag of Revolutionary Skellie Farm, now used in Novigrad//​||
 +| Location | (2930;160) \\ [[https://​map.dev-urandom.eu/#/​2936/​64/​145/​-2/​0/​0]]|
 +| Local Languages | English\\ Danish |
 +| Government | Viscounty under Badface\\ Viscount: Speermen |
 +| Establishment | 5th of September 2016 |
 +| Population | 1 |
 +| [[nations:​asc|ASC/​S]] | SKF |
 +===== History =====
 +Sometime around the first of may, Speermen initially joined the server, saying to himself:
 +//"I want to build a fuckton of yurts!"//​
 +He did so and all was well.
 +Speermen quickly got bored, though; there isn't much architectural stimulation in yurts. So he invited a friend, krille3, and founded Skellie Farm. The town was named after two spawners in the mines. All was well.
 +Speermen got bored again, though. He then tore down the prettiest house in, town, built some ugly shit, maintained some relations, expanded with other settlements,​ revolted against the commonwealth,​ joined them again and then left the server twice for multiple months each time. All was still quite well.
 +Speermen then came back. He found that Jinx had sold the bay outside Skellie Farm to some russians, who had built big, unaestethic things near his town and a railroad though Krille3'​s mountain. All was down the shitter.
 +Speermen decided to move and got an offer from Austrobernd to move permanently to Sorra. He did that and founded a new town. All was fairly good considering the circumstances then. Speermen amed the city Novigrad because of his fetish with architecture from the witcher. ​
 +===== Government =====
 +The city and the surrounding forest is now under the viscounty of Novigrad. Speermen is the viscount, and Austrobernd is his liege.
 +===== Residents =====
 +Speermen is the only resident right now.
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