Novigrad is Speer's new home after significant parts of Skellie Farm territory was taken over by russians. After deciding to abandon his far-away, half-finshed town, he moved to a settlement he had started a long time before. Novigrad lies in The Kingdom of Badface on the western part of Sorra.

Viscounty of Novigrad
The former flag of Revolutionary Skellie Farm, now used in Novigrad
Location (2930;160)
Local Languages English
Government Viscounty under Badface
Viscount: Speermen
Establishment 5th of September 2016
Population 1

Sometime around the first of may, Speermen initially joined the server, saying to himself: “I want to build a fuckton of yurts!” He did so and all was well.

Speermen quickly got bored, though; there isn't much architectural stimulation in yurts. So he invited a friend, krille3, and founded Skellie Farm. The town was named after two spawners in the mines. All was well.

Speermen got bored again, though. He then tore down the prettiest house in, town, built some ugly shit, maintained some relations, expanded with other settlements, revolted against the commonwealth, joined them again and then left the server twice for multiple months each time. All was still quite well.

Speermen then came back. He found that Jinx had sold the bay outside Skellie Farm to some russians, who had built big, unaestethic things near his town and a railroad though Krille3's mountain. All was down the shitter.

Speermen decided to move and got an offer from Austrobernd to move permanently to Sorra. He did that and founded a new town. All was fairly good considering the circumstances then. Speermen amed the city Novigrad because of his fetish with architecture from the witcher.

The city and the surrounding forest is now under the viscounty of Novigrad. Speermen is the viscount, and Austrobernd is his liege.

Speermen is the only resident right now.

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