Location X -530 Z -700
Local Languages English, Danish
Government Under business charter
Leaders Goldsman Joxhox Grand Trade Master Speermen
Industrial Foreman Krille
Establishment 03-30-2020
Population 6
national anthem

Shekelstan is driven by money and welcomes new active settlers anytime.

Founding/time period

It all started with 3 ambitious settlers seeking a mesa biome to milk dry from gold: JoxHox, Speermen and Krille3 searched the lands far and wide until they found a perfect mesa island to start their gold trading company, Goldman Saxguy.

shekelstan is purely driven by an economy of gold. Gold mining and production is the main industry. ShekelStan wishes to maintain trading relations with all kinds of nations and settlements, with of course the exception of our enemies

Building/History events

  • The Construction of The Round-wall Fortress begins 03-30-2020
  • Speermen Builds the Grand Forge of New Judah 03-31-2020
  • Joxhox Begins the Square Quarry for resources 04-01-2020
  • Joxhox Connects spawn to the island 04-03-2020
  • bbcslut helps Joxhox terraform entire 04-05-2020
  • Moloch worship banned by Speermen 04-07-2020
  • Moloch worship ban lifted by Speermen and JoxHox 04-08-2020
  • Inland harbor construction begun by krille3 04-08-2020
  • Massive wall of NewShekelstan has begun 04-08-2020
  • NewShekelstan Wall and grass completed 04-11-2020
  • Sea Fortress construction started 27-05-2020
  • Mrsupreme27 joined the Shekelstanies 28-05-2020
  • The Fortress of Circles
  • The small coastal town New Judah
  • Altar of MOLOCH
  • The Great sea fotress
  • Newshekelstan
  • lighthouse of the lost
  • JoxHox
  • speermen
  • Krille3
  • Wingzeper
  • bbcslut (partial)
  • Exhox
  • IzaHox
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