The Isle of Sans is open to settlement and building. The nether portal is accessible through the Winduzastikan>Nalurmetania nether rails.

Isle of Sans

Isle of Sann(s)
 Coat of Arms
Location -3100; 8650
Local Languages Broken English
American English
Government Anarcho-Gommunism (TSIMBABWE Party)
Leader President GuyNormus the Ginormous
Establishment ~30-10-18
Population 2-3 (1 off-island builder)
pack of incestuous wolves

Sans Island is a small island located in the Nalurmetanian Ocean which is home to a pixel art gallery and a few unimportant landmarks.


In early 2018, GuyNormus the Ginormus, then a private citizen and military member of the Winduzastikan Empire (at this point still the Federation) got tired of the lag at Spawn City due to the multiple beacons. He asked the mod Tsaryu to teleport him to a random island he had found on the world map. He built a temporary storehouse at the east end of the island, and a personal home on the west end. GuyNormus later moved out of the house, which was later “improved” by Anhud, who didn't like the building's asymmetry. All that remains of the house is a modern art project in the style of Yeti, one of the great minds of our time.


In October, GuyNormus asked Prime Minister Anhud to annex the island into the Empire, neither of them realizing until this point that the island was already in the borders of the Winduzastikanian Viceroyalty of Nalurmetania. The name was chosen at a later date, in reference to Sans from Undertale and the Isle of Mann. Anhud created the flag and coat of arms with the flag of Australia and other British colony flags in mind. The flag displays the Winduzastikan colors, the skull of Sans Undertale and the Zimbabwean flag. After the official annexation, Normus destroyed the first floor of the old storehouse and built the lighthouse on top of it. The annexation also marked the start of a pixel art project, with Normus and Anhud building pixel art based on other video games and memes.

Recent History

In December of 2018 a stop was created in the Faryagrad-Nalurmetania nether rail, and a path leading to Sans Island's nether portal. This was found on accident by GuyNormus, who wanted to explore the nearby nether. After grinding for prismarine, the Shovel Knight statue was completed by early January of the next year. Tambo557 moved his base to the island sometime in March, building a floating wood house in the sky with a water jet for access. The general consensus within the TSIMBABWE was that this build was “ugly as fuck,” and it covered up one of the pixel arts, so Tambo was given an obscenity charge and ordered to remove the shitbuild. Tambo remained on the island, mining a system of tunnels with no apparent purpose.


  • Anhud's Abode
  • GuyNormus' Lighthouse
  • House of the Sinking IQ
  • Tambo's Tunnels

Pixel Art

Listed in order of completion:

  • XXXSansacion (Normus)
  • bark (Anhud)
  • Steel Thy Shovel (Normus)
  • Degenerate Furry Shark (Tambo577)
  • Spectre of Torment (Normus)


The island's local economy is a bartering system of rare minerals, map art, and memes. As a result of this unstable and easily-counterfeited currency, Sans Island is impacted by chronic inflation, with former US president Barack Obama taking the blame for this crisis. The Sans Island Management Board And Bureau of Worker's Equity (TSIMBABWE) has started advertising the island's open space for building in the hopes of creating a lucrative tourism economy and a foundation for industry.


Currently the TSIMBABWE is looking for more builders, residents, and tourists to stimulate the island's econony economy. However, due to the impending 1.14 map, Sans Island will most likely be abandoned after some more pixel arts are finished.

Government and Laws

An approval voting system is used to make decisions on the local level, including the construction of large builds or destroying existing ones. Only island residents and builders who have completed a project may vote. Otherwise, citizens are allowed to do as they please as long as their builds don't cover up pixel art on the world map.

  • GuyNormus
  • Tambo557
  • Anhud (Builder)
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