Sand Town
Location -958 65 1069
Local Languages English
Government Grand Duke and his Boyar Thought
Leader Grand Duke grilled_cheems
Establishment 01.04.2020
Population ~3 players with 4 villagers

founding/time period

The village was discovered by grilled_cheems on 31.03.2020 and occupied on the day of 01.04.2020. Thanks to a hastily constructed sand wall, the pillagers who attacked later were driven back from its walls and defeated. The players who heroically repelled the RAID along with grilled_cheems, python38 and zhabka_zhaba, were made his deputies.

major event/time period

Has not yet arrived

The town is surrounded by a desert and a small river.

The town economy is anchored in residents and transactions with them.

Villagers and Players

Leader of this town: grilled_cheem

Villagers, grilled_cheems, zhabka_zhaba, python38

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