Public melon and gunpowder farm

Salty's Lands
Location Map
Local Languages English
Leader Salty
Right Hand Herr saakadnip
Establishment August 2017
Population approx. 12000 Creepers

A small 1-player settlement near the border.


One day a traveller got to the world of Alpha's Realm. He was hungry and barely dressed, so his body shivered in the cold wind. He found some donated food in the Spawn's City chests and a shelter, though he desired for more. He began his journey to the Far Lands hoping for a better life. Days past till he finally moored to the shores of unknown land. The sand was covered with salt, so the traveller picked his new name. These shores became the foundation of his new life and settlement.

Discovering Ores

Salt wasn't the only thing the Land was filled with, soon Salty discovered that mountains there contained tons of ores and gems. He became an expert miner and soon got rich selling those land treasures. The money he gained helped him to lay a base of a great tower.

The ocean view to the Lands. The Nether Portal Temple is on the left.

Salty's Lands include several biomes such as plains, swamp, high mountains and roofed forest. You can get to the place via Spawn Nether Hub (rail #46) or from Grum's Nether Hub.

Actually the first fully finished structure was the garden. Then The Compass Rose Fountain which is dedicated to Tsaryu, who helped to move it a bit. Then the Tower itself.

There are two statues on the main square of the city - Pepe The Lightbringer (pretty rare) and Laima The Wooden Dog (wow much wooden) which was built by Enton himself who was a “guest star” sculptor (god bless him).

The Compass Rose Fountain and The Tower

There's also a giant Christmas tree on the main square (though not near as giant as Santikaye's Tree). And the best thing about it that it's very christmas all year round.

The Morning Star Lighthouse

The industrial district, where Salty actually lives (and where the farms are), is located in another biome due to mobs spawning rate issue and MAH AESTHETICS (it's enciclopedic). It includes several public farms, the biggest one is the creeper farm which is a concrete patterned skyscraper. Industrial district is a place for many unfinished shiet which will remain unfinished. Salty does not know about singleplayer creative so he builds everything in SMP.

Salty's neighbour 5L made a road through the ocean to connect Faraj Mosque and Salty's Lands.

Salty's Lands export mainly gunpowder. And import pretty much all the rest, from basic building materials to tools.

The Headquarters
The farm district

The whole public farm district wouldn't be possible without these people.

saakadnip - simply the second boss of the territory. Every project to happen was made under the control of this man. Has the exclusive right to tear down the whole land whenever he is pleased. The watcher and the majordomo of the settlement during the times of Salty's absence. May or may not give a fuck about the settlement, but still is a head of it and a force to deal with - as a guest in the district you do what he says you.

NekoNeko - the lantern dealer. Provided 100k lanterns. His autism is complemented with Salty's. Nuffsaid.

Grum - made a rail from his hub to the Lands, helped to synchronise some portals.

_Synergy_,test123 - along with saakadnip those two dismantled the 27k-obsidian gold farm. A lot of work. Never forget.

ilmango - a german player of the SciCraft server, has its own youtube channel. Makes best farms out there. It's his designs.

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