PerverseParty's Island

PerverseParty's Island
Location x:-2200 z:1930
Local Languages Russian
Government none
Leader PerverseParty
Establishment 30-05-2014
Population 4
2 yevs disappeared
1 golem

A little settlement of the three people, who were tired of big city life.

Leaving the city

After some time in 2ch-City, PerverseParty decided to leave it and live alone at some tropical island. However, she told the coordinates of the island she found to two another players and they wanted to settle with her too. They had fun building houses, little farms and roads and making the island into a little paradise.

Having fun

June got some horses in egg form as compensation for his stolen ones. He decided to give one of them to PP as present. To make surprise and to have fun, he spawned it in her basement. After that they had to dig a stairs to get it outside. To their surprise, the horse was completely black. PP named it CaptainDildo.

Funky90 settled on a small island nearby and decided to become like Robinson Cruso. He created an automatic chicken farm.

A week later, June decided to increase the population on their island. He found a friendly golem woman named Mylene, who liked flowers and invited her to their island. She was happy to see such beautiful island and June helped her make a beautiful garden. Also he tried to use his necromancy skills to revive a yev. However, he was a novice at that time and only the third yev survived. He was named Zombei. Some time later, PerverseParty, who also had some necromancy skills, revived a yev woman, and named her Tao. Zombei and Tao became a couple.

Eventually, people became tired of their happy life and decided to leave to IRL realms. We will never forget them.
After some time, Yev couple also disappeared without a trace.

During their absence, another player, Nafaniel, settled near them. He was quite shy and he dug his house in a hill and hid the door behind some trees. Probably he was charmed with the island too, as he mapped all of it and put the maps on the wall. Nothing else is known about him.

 Towers of Fiastus
Towers of Fiastus
 The Sun Tower
The Sun Tower

The island was already inhabited before PP found it. The giant Glass Towers of Fiastus can be seen from most points of the island - so high they are. Some time later, Shurka decided to help Fiastus to transfer Yevs from the closest village and created The Sun Tower on her island, which also serves as railway hub.

One day, June was bored of building relatively nice things, and he decided to build something ugly with cobble and netherrack. He sailed a few hundred meters in the sea and built there some monument. He thought he sailed enough far for no one to see it, however, it was quickly found by Funky90, who was quite displeased with it. June had to apologise.

We make chicken grills.

Doing nothing, laying on the beach, having fun.

Zombei the Yev
Tao the Yev
Mylene the Golem

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