Port Loco

Port Loco
Local Languages English
Demonyn Locorian
Government Free Hanseatic City
Leader Locotar
Establishment 26.01.2012
Population ~8
Abbreviation HPL

Port Loco is the harbor town of Sheep Island. It covers the south half of that island and is seperated in different districts. The Buildings are mainly build of cobblestone and wood, and the architecture is mostly kept in a light medieval style, with some vikingelements ( Roofs etc. )

founding/time period

This settlement was founded on the 26th of January by Locotar. After he landed with Koentinius and Ranpu at the shore of the island that should be later called SheepIsland, he startet with a little House, next to the first building of the Server, that was build by Koentinius. Soon the island become popular for the sheeps that the island accommodated. Many people took a short trip with a boat to the Island to gather some wool for a bed. Sadly, a sheep genocide was the result of this and sheeps had to be resettled again on SheepIsland with much effort in breeding them. But for this opportunity SheepIsland got his name. Meanwhile, Locotar were left alone on the Island, because people thought the island would be to small to be a comfortable place to settle down, and so he starts with the construction of a harbor area and a lighthouse, what become the founding of Port Loco. To protect the southern side of SheepIsland, a barricade was build in the north, to stop the settler from Crater Landing in the north to expand further in the south. After some time, newcomers recognized the settlement on it and they took up residence there too. ( Like W4mbo & Gakeman ) And so the settlement progressed.

major event/time period

As the settlement progressed and more and more settlers came, it began to get narrow in between the townwall. So our great Leader Locotar decided to annex the western part of Sheep Island during the night from 5th to 6th February. This part of the isle was less populated than the northern part, so no one protested.

Since the 7th of February the nations of Irmunsul and Soviet Republic have an embassy in the diplomatic district of West-Port Loco to improve the political relations between the Hanse town and the great Nations.

Port Loco is a settlement on the southeast side of “Sheep Island”, which is the first big isle from the spawn going north.

The Isle is called “Sheep Island” mainly only because of its shape wich looks like a jumping sheep and of the big sheep farm in the west of the isle it was the first spot where players found sheep exploring the world from spawn island.

Since the 6th February the whole western part of Port Loco is dominated by four huge plateaus which are designed for settlement.

The Economy is mainly autarchic, there are many different animal farms, especially for sheeps. And there is also a public tree-, melon- and wheatfarm located in the town. The grand St.Helena mine provides the citizens with all ores and stones they need.

  • 1. Griefing and attacking other people will be avenged with a ban.
  • 2. If you want to settle in Port Loco, ask Locotar for permission. Houses will be removed if you settled wild.
  • 3. Buildings must be kept in townstyle, that means a light medieval touch, and build out of wood, stone or wool. Not fitting ones, will be removed.
  • 4. No wild digging! We have the St.Helena mine for the whole town. Build a mineshaft there or help with existing ones.
  • Rariisan
  • Golokopitenko
  • Elektrohawk
  • Gakeman
  • W4mb0
  • SchweineJump
  • u_wot_m8

There is a legend about a big treasure on SheepIsland, called “ BigBaaah ”. A mighty pirat with the name “ LeMouton ” once visited the island and stashed the treasure here. Many and many brave man have searched for it, but nobody has ever found it, and many man were never seen again in the depths of the caves, that lay under SheepIsland.

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