Location 3400, -1400
Owner Santikaye
Establishment May 2015
Population 1

A one-person-settlement composed of various farms built around a huge dark oak tree.

Founded by Santikaye on early May 2015, on a cozy spot between an oak tree and a mushroom. The initial building was a simple dark oak tree trunk, which has been and grown into a (still incomplete) gigantic oak tree. Surrounding structures include an artifical Yev village, a large circular crop farm and a sugarcane farm. The whole place is pretty much a collection of farms. There are very few structures, other than the tree, built with a seriously artistic sentiment in mind. An exception to this is the elephant couple statue, built by the wandering sculptor Koduck, on the south side of the crop farm.

The settlement is located on the northwestern tip of a large dark oak forest that forms part of the northern border of the Northeastern Sea. To the north (and slightly west) of Phiagrica is Sponville, spon2007's colorful place. To the far west sits Novobydlograd, the closest large city for miles. To the south lie the Northeastern Sea and the island settlements of Jinx (Midgard), Tsaryu (Valensiya) and mgd (?). The eastern side is mostly empty for miles (except for some semi-finished wooden ranch or something).

As the place is meant to be a personal project, residents include no other than Santikaye.

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