City of Perlas
Location X 300, Z 2500
Official language(s) NA
Business language(s) English
Government Liberal autocracy
Leader Mayor Mpxr
Establishment 11-30-15
Population 1

The beginnings of a sprawling metropolis. The foundations of what would become Perlas were laid in June, 2014. Mpxr – being the procrastinator that he is – finally got around to declaring the city officially established on November 30th, 2015.


The governing body of Perlas consists of a mayor, a city council, and a board of directors. As defacto leader of Perlas, Mayor Mpxr holds supreme veto and implementation power over any & all decisions. The board of directors yield to the city council, and the council to the mayor.

Perlas is home to many highrises and quartz skyscrapers.

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