Location map
Local Languages Polish
Government none
Leader none
Establishment 17-02-2013
Population ~12
Abbreviation none

Papieżowo (also known as Radom) is a very random Polish settlement and the main town of Onionland. There are no real rules and building codes, however, it's not Ukrainian.

First home of Onionlanders. Started by Blendzior and expanded by most of poles that came to Onionland. Many wars beetween people of onion and other nations took place here. After establishing Szczebrzeszyn Papieżowo became less active but many Onionlanders still inhabit their houses built here.

First Onionlander Mushroom Onion

Symbol of Onionland made by Enton. It's located in front of Papieżowo's main nether portal.

Church of Blessed John Paul II

Just a shitty church. Some battles took place there.

Rich in potatoes, wool and some other resources.

One of the few settlements, if not the only one, to have a tram line.

Wild slavic life. People beating each other, crimes everywhere etc.

Total anarchy.

Most of Onionlanders live there.

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